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Simon Cox - Great British Bake Off Shoot

Kit / Equipment

Technical experience and proficiency on all shooting formats

Each shoot will have specific requirements in terms of the camera and kit. I can put together a bespoke package to meet these needs whilst working within your budget.

Sony PXW F7 4k Camcorder

Standard Camera Package

  • Sony PXW FS7 4k Camcorder
  • XDCA ‘V’ Lock back (ability to record Pro Res and input/output timecode)
  • Sigma ART 18-35mm F1.8 lens
  • Sigma ART 24-105mm F4 lens
  • Sigma HSM 70-200mm F2.8 lens
  • Sigma Art 50mm F1.4 prime lens
  • Sigma Art 85mm F1.4 prime lens
  • Tokina 11-20mm Pro DX F2.8 lens
  • Metabones Speedbooster Ultra lens adapter
  • Sigma MC-11 lens adapter
  • Matte Box with basic filter kit
  • Small HD 702 (Bright) – 7″ HD monitor – in Wooden Monitor Cage V2
  • Black Magic 5″ Video Assist monitor, (can record Pro Res or DNxHD)
  • Wireless transmission system for 7″ monitor
  • Sachtler 20p Tripod with tall legs and baby legs
  • Six V lock batteries & charger
Sony PXW F7 4k Camcorder

Additional Items

  • Sony A7 Mkiii – latest model 4K
  • Zhiyun Crane 2 with remote follow focus – Gimbal
  • Canon CN7  17-120mm T2.95-3.9 PL mount lens
  • Sony E to PL mount adapter
  • Set of 6 Prime Cine Lenses 18, 24, 35, 50, 85, 135mm
  • Tilta Shoulder mount kit for cameras such as the Canon C300
  • Moose bars & hand grips
  • Easy Rig Camera harness system
  • Tango Pro Sup Slider kit
  • Mini Jib
Velvet Lights


I always carry on board 15 lamps as a package consisting of:

  • 1 x THE LIGHT ‘VELVET’ 1×1 variable kelvin tile with DOP Snapgrid (battery or mains)
  • 1 x LS 1380 variable kelvin tile (battery or mains)
  • 1 x 24″ Flexible LED Panel (battery or mains)
  • 1 x KOBOLD 200W HMI
  • 2 x ARRI 650 FRESNELS
  • 2 x ICE LIGHTS (battery or mains)
  • 1 X 7″ CAMERA TOP LIGHT – (battery or mains)
  • 2 x 4’ ENCAPSULITE’s
  • STANDS – for all lamps, including Century stands, Pole Cats, & sand bags
  • EXTENSIVE GRIP GEAR KIT, including magic arms, limpet mounts, ceiling clamps
  • EXTENSION CABLES with RCD’s, black wrap, colour correction and FX gels, black drape, flags, & various reflectors.

Other Cameras Available at Short Notice

Due to excellent and long running relationships with several Facility Companies both in the South West and London I can easily get hold of a wide variety of different cameras and kit such as – Arri Amira – Sony F5/F55 – Canon C300 Mk1 & Mk11 – Reds – Panasonic Varicam  Sony A7 DSLR’s

Gimbal stabilisers – track and dolly systems – cranes – 17″ OLED monitors are all readily available.

I am also happy to work without my kit and offer services only if you have already sourced kit or have your own equipment.

Transport - Crew & Kit Vehicle

  • Renault Trafic Sport – Crew Van.
  • Six seats, air con, tinted privacy windows, built in Sat Nav.
  • Secure bespoke racked rear section with added securtiy locks.
  • Alarm and imobilzer.
  • Clean driving licence, fully comprehensive commercial insurance.


Please use this form to send an email. You can also reach me on: Mobile (direct): +44 (0) 7771 596 730 Landline (office): +44 (0) 1453 547 435

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